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Link rowid Member Party District Congress Resignation Date Reason Source Category
1 Pat Tiberi R OH-12 115th 1/15/2018 Took a job with the Ohio Business Roundtable New York Times D
2 Al Franken D MN-SEN 115th 1/2/2018 Sexual harassment/groping/unwanted kissing Minneapolis Star Tribune X
3 Trent Franks R AZ-08 115th 12/8/2017 Sexual harassment/surrogacy pressure CNN X
4 John Conyers D MI-13 115th 12/5/2017 Sexual harassment/inappropriate touching Washington Post X
5 Tim Murphy R PA-18 115th 10/21/2017 Extramarital affair/abortion hypocrisy POLITICO A
6 Jason Chaffetz R UT-03 115th 6/30/2017 Took a job with FOX News POLITICO D
7 Ryan Zinke R MT-AL 115th 3/1/2017 Appointed to Trump administration Bozeman Daily Chronicle C
8 Mick Mulvaney R SC-05 115th 2/16/2017 Appointed to Trump administration Associated Press C
9 Tom Price R GA-06 115th 2/10/2017 Appointed to Trump administration GeorgiaPol C
10 Jeff Sessions R AL-SEN 115th 2/8/2017 Appointed to Trump administration Washington Examiner C
11 Xavier Becerra D CA-34 115th 1/24/2017 Appointed California attorney general Los Angeles Times C
12 Mike Pompeo R KS-04 115th 1/23/2017 Appointed to Trump administration NBC News C
13 Candice Miller R MI-10 114th 12/31/2016 Elected Macomb County public works commish Detroit News C
14 Janice Hahn D CA-44 114th 12/4/2016 Elected to LA County Board of Supervisors Los Angeles Times C
15 Ed Whitfield R KY-01 114th 9/6/2016 Ethics investigation Kentucky Center for Investigative Reporting B
16 Chaka Fattah D PA-02 114th 6/23/2016 Corruption conviction POLITICO B
17 John Boehner R OH-08 114th 10/31/2015 Sick of fighting the Tea Party New York Times F
18 Aaron Schock R IL-18 114th 3/31/2015 Personal spending of government funds POLITICO B
19 Michael Grimm R NY-11 114th 1/5/2015 Tax evasion CNN B
20 Tom Coburn R OK-SEN 113th 1/3/2015 Self-imposed term limits/"shifting my focus elsewhere" The Oklahoman D & F
21 Eric Cantor R VA-07 113th 8/18/2014 Embarrassingly lost primary & majority leadership USA Today F
22 Rob Andrews D NJ-01 113th 2/18/2014 Ethics investigation; took a job as a lobbyist Philadelphia Inquirer B & D
23 Max Baucus D MT-SEN 113th 2/6/2014 Appointed to Obama administration The Missoulian C
24 Trey Radel R FL-19 113th 1/27/2014 Cocaine possession USA Today B
25 Mel Watt D NC-12 113th 1/6/2014 Appointed to Obama administration Camel City Dispatch C
26 Rodney Alexander R LA-05 113th 9/27/2013 Appointed Louisiana VA secretary Roll Call C
27 Jo Bonner R AL-01 113th 8/2/2013 Took a job with University of Alabama Roll Call D
28 Ed Markey D MA-05 113th 7/15/2013 Elected U.S. senator Boston Globe C
29 John Kerry D MA-SEN 113th 2/1/2013 Appointed to Obama administration Boston Globe C
30 Jo Ann Emerson R MO-08 113th 1/22/2013 Took a job with National Rural Electric Cooperative Association Washington Post D
31 Tim Scott R SC-01 112th 1/2/2013 Appointed U.S. senator U.S. House of Representatives C
32 Jim DeMint R SC-SEN 112th 1/1/2013 Took a job with the Heritage Foundation Washington Post D
33 Bob Filner D CA-51 112th 12/3/2012 Elected San Diego mayor USA Today C
34 Jesse Jackson Jr. D IL-02 112th 11/21/2012 Bipolar disorder; under criminal investigation New York Times B & E
35 Dennis Cardoza D CA-18 112th 8/15/2012 "Parenting challenges"; took a job with a law firm POLITICO D & E
36 Geoff Davis R KY-04 112th 7/31/2012 "Family health issue" POLITICO E
37 Thad McCotter R MI-11 112th 7/6/2012 Bungled presidential campaign led to family concerns Washington Post E & F
38 Jay Inslee D WA-01 112th 3/20/2012 To focus on his run for governor Roll Call C
39 Gabby Giffords D AZ-08 112th 1/25/2012 Recovery from gunshot injury CNN E
40 David Wu D OR-01 112th 8/3/2011 Sexual harassment/sex with teenage girl The Oregonian X
41 Anthony Weiner D NY-09 112th 6/21/2011 Extramarital affair/sexting New York Times A
42 Dean Heller R NV-02 112th 5/9/2011 Appointed U.S. senator Las Vegas Sun C
43 John Ensign R NV-SEN 112th 5/3/2011 Ethics investigation into extramarital affair Washington Post A
44 Jane Harman D CA-36 112th 2/28/2011 Took a job with the Woodrow Wilson Center Wilson Center D
45 Chris Lee R NY-26 112th 2/9/2011 Extramarital affair/shirtless photo ABC News A
46 Mark Kirk R IL-10 111th 11/29/2010 Elected U.S. senator Associated Press C
47 Mark Souder R IN-03 111th 5/21/2010 Extramarital affair Washington Post A
48 Nathan Deal R GA-09 111th 3/21/2010 To focus on his run for governor; ethics investigation CREW B & C
49 Eric Massa D NY-29 111th 3/8/2010 Sexual harassment/groping (same-sex) The Week X
50 Neil Abercrombie D HI-01 111th 2/28/2010 To focus on his run for governor NPR C
51 Robert Wexler D FL-19 111th 1/3/2010 Took a job with Middle East think tank Lexology D
52 John McHugh R NY-23 111th 9/21/2009 Appointed to Obama administration New York Times C
53 Mel Martinez R FL-SEN 111th 9/9/2009 "To move on," spend time with family; later joined lobbying firm New York Times D & E
54 Ellen Tauscher D CA-10 111th 6/26/2009 Appointed to Obama administration KNTV C
55 Hilda Solis D CA-32 111th 2/24/2009 Appointed to Obama administration Associated Press C
56 Kirsten Gillibrand D NY-20 111th 1/26/2009 Appointed U.S. senator New York Daily News C
57 Hillary Clinton D NY-SEN 111th 1/21/2009 Appointed to Obama administration CNN C
58 Ken Salazar D CO-SEN 111th 1/20/2009 Appointed to Obama administration Denver Post C
59 Joe Biden D DE-SEN 111th 1/15/2009 Elected vice president CNN C
60 Rahm Emanuel D IL-05 110th 1/2/2009 Appointed to Obama administration CNN C
61 Tom Davis R VA-11 110th 11/24/2008 Took a job with Deloitte Washington Post D
62 Barack Obama D IL-SEN 110th 11/16/2008 Elected president CNN C
63 Albert Wynn D MD-04 110th 5/31/2008 Took a job with a law firm after losing primary Washington Post D & F
64 Richard Baker R LA-06 110th 2/2/2008 Took a job with the Managed Funds Association New Orleans Times-Picayune D
65 Bobby Jindal R LA-01 110th 1/14/2008 Elected Louisiana governor Reuters C
66 Roger Wicker R MS-01 110th 12/31/2007 Appointed U.S. senator The Guardian C
67 Trent Lott R MS-SEN 110th 12/18/2007 "Time left to do something else"; founded a lobbying firm New York Times D
68 Dennis Hastert R IL-14 110th 11/26/2007 No reason given, but had lost the speaker's gavel FOX News F
69 Marty Meehan D MA-05 110th 7/1/2007 Took a job with University of Massachusetts Associated Press D
70 Bob Ney R OH-18 109th 11/3/2006 Pleaded guilty to Abramoff influence-peddling scandal Associated Press B
71 Mark Foley R FL-16 109th 9/29/2006 Sexting with underage pages (same-sex) Washington Post X
72 Tom DeLay R TX-22 109th 6/9/2006 Campaign finance laundering & Abramoff scandal involvement New York Times B
73 Jon Corzine D NJ-SEN 109th 1/17/2006 Elected New Jersey governor U.S. Congress C
74 Bob Menendez D NJ-13 109th 1/16/2006 Appointed U.S. senator New York Times C
75 Duke Cunningham R CA-50 109th 12/1/2005 Bribery and tax evasion San Diego Union-Tribune B
76 Christopher Cox R CA-48 109th 8/2/2005 Appointed to Bush administration Securities & Exchange Commission C
77 Rob Portman R OH-02 109th 4/29/2005 Appointed to Bush administration New York Times C
78 Porter Goss R FL-14 108th 9/23/2004 Appointed to Bush administration CQ Almanac C
79 Doug Bereuter R NE-01 108th 8/31/2004 Took a job with the Asia Foundation CQ Almanac D
80 Frank Ballance D NC-01 108th 6/11/2004 Ill health; fraud and money laundering Associated Press B & E
81 Bill Janklow R SD-AL 108th 1/20/2004 Convicted of manslaughter for a fatal car accident Minnesota Public Radio B
82 Ernie Fletcher R KY-06 108th 12/8/2003 Elected Kentucky governor Fletcher/Pence Inaugural C
83 Larry Combest R TX-19 108th 5/31/2003 Wife lost DC-area job, wanted to spend more time with her Plainview Daily Herald E
84 Frank Murkowski R AK-SEN 107th 12/2/2002 Elected Alaska governor U.S. Congress C
85 Tony Hall D OH-03 107th 9/9/2002 Appointed to Bush administration New York Times C
86 James Traficant D OH-17 107th 7/24/2002 Convicted of bribery, tax evasion, and racketeering CNN B
87 Steve Largent R OK-01 107th 2/15/2002 To focus on his run for governor The Oklahoman C
88 Joe Scarborough R FL-01 107th 9/5/2001 To spend more time with his sons Northwest Florida Daily News E
89 Asa Hutchinson R AR-03 107th 8/6/2001 Appointed to Bush administration Log Cabin Democrat C
90 Bud Shuster R PA-09 107th 2/5/2001 Ethics rebuke; "health scares" ABC News B & E
91 Bob Livingston R LA-01 106th 3/1/1999 Extramarital affairs New York Times A
92 Newt Gingrich R GA-06 106th 1/3/1999 Faced caucus revolt after disappointing midterm New York Times F
93 Ron Dellums D CA-09 105th 2/6/1998 "To do other things"; ended up consulting for healthcare company Washington Post D
94 Floyd Flake D NY-06 105th 11/17/1997 To focus on his job as church pastor New York Times D
95 Thomas Foglietta D PA-01 105th 11/11/1997 Appointed to Clinton administration Associated Press C
96 Susan Molinari R NY-13 105th 8/2/1997 Took a job with CBS CNN D
97 Bill Richardson D NM-03 105th 2/13/1997 Appointed to Clinton administration San Francisco Chronicle C
98 Ray Thornton D AR-02 104th 1/1/1997 Elected Arkansas Supreme Court justice U.S. Congress C
99 Sam Brownback R KS-02 104th 11/7/1996 Elected U.S. senator U.S. House of Representatives C
100 Charlie Wilson D TX-02 104th 10/8/1996 Probably to start clock on lobbyist waiting period Longview News-Journal D

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