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110 111 Donald Trump Johnny Ryall Beastie Boys neutral   1989 Donald Trump and Donald Tramp living in the men's Shelter http://genius.com/Beastie-boys-johnny-ryall-lyrics
112 113 Donald Trump My Word Is Bond Donald D positive   1989 And after that me and Donald Trump hung out / Donald talkin' 'bout Donald Trump,' man, y'all is crazy http://genius.com/Ice-t-my-word-is-bond-lyrics
173 174 Donald Trump LIE-Z Fat Boys positive money 1989 Boy, I got money like Donald Trump! http://genius.com/Fat-boys-lie-z-lyrics
114 115 Donald Trump Skill Trade Nice positive money 1990 I'm not rich like Donald Trump http://genius.com/Nice-skill-trade-lyrics
192 193 Donald Trump I Gotta Say What Up!!! Ice Cube positive money 1990 Cause he makin' more than Donald Trump http://genius.com/Ice-cube-i-gotta-say-what-up-lyrics
117 118 Donald Trump Skypager A Tribe Called Quest positive money 1991 Beeper's goin off like Don Trump gets checks http://genius.com/A-tribe-called-quest-skypager-lyrics
309 310 Donald Trump Money and the Power Scarface positive money 1991 n---- rollin hard, stackin paper like Trump http://genius.com/Scarface-money-and-the-power-lyrics
118 119 Donald Trump Dolly and the Rat Trap Ultramagnetic MC's neutral money 1992 Look at Donald Trump! http://genius.com/Ultramagnetic-mcs-dolly-and-the-rat-trap-lyrics
152 153 Donald Trump Jussummen Das EFX positive money 1992 I went and break a slut like Donald Trump can break a million http://genius.com/Das-efx-jussummen-lyrics
287 288 Donald Trump Da Funk Redman positive personal 1992 I'm well known like Donald Trump http://genius.com/Redman-da-funk-lyrics
358 359 Donald Trump Pocket Full of Stones UGK positive   1992 Fuck Black Caesar n----s call me Black Trump http://genius.com/Ugk-pocket-full-of-stones-lyrics
84 84 Hillary Clinton Happy People Prince Ital Joe negative political 1993 Mr. Bill Clinton and the bird Hillary / Wrap up the war on the brutality http://genius.com/Prince-ital-joe-happy-people-lyrics
106 107 Hillary Clinton Girls Got a Gun Yo-Yo negative personal 1993 Fuck Bill Clinton and Hillary http://genius.com/Yo-yo-girls-got-a-gun-lyrics
119 120 Donald Trump The Coup The Coup negative political 1993 Break yourself Trump, it's collection day http://genius.com/The-coup-the-coup-lyrics
37 37 Hillary Clinton Dark Night of the Blood Spiller Chino XL negative sexual 1994 Getting my dick sucked / On the cover of Source magazine by Hillary Clinton http://genius.com/Chino-xl-night-of-the-blood-spiller-lyrics
55 55 Hillary Clinton Hand of the Dead Body Ice Cube negative personal 1994 And I can't stop, won't stop / So fuck Bill and Hillary http://genius.com/Scarface-hand-of-the-dead-body-lyrics
223 224 Donald Trump Once Upon a Time King Sun positive money 1994 Today I'm livin large as if my last name was Trump http://genius.com/King-sun-once-upon-a-time-lyrics
248 249 Donald Trump 211 Master P positive money 1994 Put more cash in my pockets than Donald Trump http://genius.com/Master-p-211-lyrics
340 341 Donald Trump Pimps (Free Stylin at the Fortune 500 Club) The Coup positive money 1994 Trump Trump check out the cash in my trunk / I am Donald Trump me think you mighta heard about me http://genius.com/The-coup-pimps-free-stylin-at-the-fortune-500-club-lyrics
111 112 Donald Trump Protect Ya Neck II the Zoo 12 O'Clock - Brooklyn Zu positive money 1995 Given the power punch, soon to be paid like Donald Trump http://genius.com/Ol-dirty-bastard-protect-ya-neck-ii-the-zoo-lyrics
163 164 Donald Trump Money Talks Double X Posse positive money 1995 A bank account so fat that Donald Trump would wanna be me http://genius.com/Double-x-double-xx-posse-money-talks-lyrics
202 203 Donald Trump Zoom Zooms and Wam Wam Jay-O-Felony positive personal 1995 I wanna be like Donald Trump, not Willie Lump-Lump http://genius.com/Jay-o-felony-zoom-zooms-and-wam-wam-lyrics
281 282 Donald Trump Incarcerated Scarfaces Raekwon positive money 1995 Rae's a heavy generator, but yo, guess who's the black Trump? / You rolling like Trump, you get your meat lumped http://genius.com/Raekwon-incarcerated-scarfaces-lyrics
73 73 Hillary Clinton The Ghetto Won't Change Master P negative political 1996 Every dollar I make, ten go back to Hillary and Bill, I guess life is real http://genius.com/Master-p-the-ghetto-wont-change-lyrics
98 99 Hillary Clinton Shit Iz Real Shyheim neutral money 1996 Where ya at? Cats sacking green/ Bill/Hill Clinton http://genius.com/Shyheim-shit-iz-real-lyrics
120 121 Donald Trump Give It Up Fast Nas positive hotel 1996 I need a suite with the flowers complimentary at Trump Towers http://genius.com/Mobb-deep-give-it-up-fast-lyrics
220 221 Donald Trump Paid Kid Rock positive money 1996 I'll still be in the house getting paid like Trump http://genius.com/Kid-rock-paid-lyrics
364 365 Donald Trump Cross 'Em Out and Put a 'K Westside Connection positive money 1996 I smoke and make dough like Trump http://genius.com/Westside-connection-cross-em-out-and-put-a-k-lyrics
51 51 Hillary Clinton What's Goin' On Gravediggaz neutral personal 1997 Killa Bee, presidential suite, Bill and Hillary http://genius.com/Gravediggaz-whats-goin-on-lyrics
67 67 Hillary Clinton Bring It Back KRS-ONE neutral   1997 It Takes a Village like Hillary http://genius.com/Krs-one-bring-it-back-lyrics
122 123 Donald Trump The Ebonic Plague Ras Kass neutral   1997 Donald Trump wouldn't let you shine his shoes my man http://genius.com/Cru-the-ebonic-plague-lyrics
203 204 Donald Trump Street 2 Street Jay-O-Felony positive money 1997 Smokin the hump with dreams of livin lavish like Donald Trump http://genius.com/Jay-o-felony-street-2-street-lyrics
76 76 Hillary Clinton Cradle Rock Method Man negative political 1998 Bad vibes filling me with thoughts of conspiracy / White Water scandals with Bill Clinton/Hillary http://genius.com/Method-man-cradle-rock-lyrics
100 101 Hillary Clinton Fresh Slick Rick neutral personal 1998 Babies jump out the carriage / Could even fix the Hillary and Clinton marriage http://genius.com/Jermaine-dupri-fresh-lyrics
115 116 Donald Trump Strip Club Luv 69 Boyz positive money 1998 Girl if your beauty was a dollar you'd be richer than Trump http://genius.com/69-boyz-strip-club-luv-lyrics
125 126 Donald Trump Mafioso Kool G. Rap positive hotel 1998 Can't stop until I got a Casa up in Trump plaza http://genius.com/Kool-g-rap-mafioso-lyrics
126 127 Donald Trump Soldiers Master P neutral   1998 Follow me dumpin' n----s study humpin' I ain't Donald Trump http://genius.com/C-murder-soldiers-lyrics
166 167 Donald Trump Trump Change E-40 positive money 1998 Trump change, I'm talkin Donald Trump change http://genius.com/E-40-trump-change-lyrics
193 194 Donald Trump Three Strikes You In Ice Cube positive money 1998 I'm just tryin' to get rich like Trump http://genius.com/Ice-cube-three-strikes-you-in-lyrics
212 213 Donald Trump Tell Me What You're Lookin' For Kane & Abel positive money 1998 Kane and Abel in this bitch, gettin' rich as Trump http://genius.com/Kane-tell-me-what-youre-lookin-for-lyrics
275 276 Donald Trump Tru Master Pete Rock positive money 1998 In hot pursuit of Donald Trump rap loot http://genius.com/Pete-rock-tru-master-lyrics
44 44 Hillary Clinton Role Model Eminem negative   1999 Hillary Clinton tried to slap me and call me a pervert / I ripped her fucking tonsils out and fed her sherbet (bitch!) http://genius.com/Eminem-role-model-lyrics
61 61 Hillary Clinton NYMP Jay Z neutral political 1999 I take and rape villages, who gon' stop him? / Not Rudy Guiliani, not Hillary Rodham http://genius.com/Jay-z-nymp-lyrics
97 98 Hillary Clinton What the Fuck Is Up? Scarlett neutral personal 1999 Wanna diss me, cuz I cut you down quickly / I'm Hillary to this shit, you still fuckin with Lewinsky http://genius.com/Nore-what-the-fuck-is-up-lyrics
127 128 Donald Trump Turn It Into Somethin' Frost positive hotel 1999 Real G's posted up at the Trump Towers http://genius.com/Frost-turn-it-into-somethin-lyrics
128 129 Donald Trump Fire Makeba Mooncycle neutral   1999 Playin Donald Trump for the mic with this http://genius.com/Royal-fam-fire-lyrics
132 133 Donald Trump New World Nas neutral money 1999 The new Don Trump is Bill Gates http://genius.com/Nas-new-world-lyrics
133 134 Donald Trump Speed Law Yasiin Bey (Mos Def) positive hotel 1999 Rocked the Trump Tower to the terrordome http://genius.com/Yasiin-bey-speed-law-lyrics
259 260 Donald Trump Money Is My Bitch Nas positive personal 1999 The best couple they seen since Trump and Marla Maple http://genius.com/Nas-money-is-my-bitch-lyrics
365 366 Donald Trump Muzzle Toe Wu-Syndicate positive money 1999 It's reg or not, pockets love Trump Donald http://genius.com/Wu-syndicate-muzzle-toe-lyrics
18 18 Hillary Clinton Gotta Be Insanity Ice Cube positive personal 2000 Would you stay down like Hillary? / Even if you thought about killin' me? http://genius.com/Ice-cube-gotta-be-insanity-lyrics
26 26 Hillary Clinton We Live This Roxanne ShantÌ© neutral   2000 Roxanne ShantÌ©, Hilary Clinton / Lay out the red carpet y'all hoes shut up and listen http://genius.com/Big-noyd-we-live-this-lyrics
64 64 Hillary Clinton U Ain't Fresh KAM neutral personal 2000 Like Bill ass Hillary, "what's up?" / Still love me, pretty young thang? http://genius.com/Dj-quik-u-aint-fresh-lyrics
136 137 Donald Trump Hey Papi Jay Z positive hotel 2000 I went to 1 Trump Plaza on their asses http://genius.com/Jay-z-hey-papi-lyrics
137 138 Donald Trump E.I. Nelly positive hotel 2000 Get a room in Trump Towers just to hit the P hours http://genius.com/Nelly-ei-lyrics
139 140 Donald Trump Soundscience Souls of Mischief neutral personal 2000 They high drama like Trump and Ivana http://genius.com/Souls-of-mischief-soundscience-lyrics
164 165 Donald Trump I'm Ballin' Man Drama positive money 2000 More realer than Rockafeller more cheese than Donald Trump http://genius.com/Dr-ama-im-ballin-lyrics
233 234 Donald Trump What's Up Wit Dat Lil Wayne positive money 2000 Next time you see me I'll have money like Donald Trump http://genius.com/Juvenile-whats-up-wit-dat-lyrics
267 268 Donald Trump Country Grammar (Hot Shit) Nelly positive money 2000 Bill Gates, Donald Trump, let me in now http://genius.com/Nelly-country-grammar-hot-shit-lyrics
315 316 Donald Trump Spend Some Cheese Shyne positive money 2000 Like Don Trump, Black Ted Turner, totin burners http://genius.com/Shyne-spend-some-cheese-lyrics
316 317 Donald Trump Bad Boyz Shyne positive hotel 2000 What type of n---- stay in the Trump for weeks? (Bad Boyz) http://genius.com/Shyne-bad-boyz-lyrics
317 318 Donald Trump Bonnie & Shyne Shyne neutral hotel 2000 Did it all, Four Seasons to the Trump http://genius.com/Shyne-bonnie-and-shyne-lyrics
7 7 Jeb Bush Bricks and Marijuana Kase neutral   2001 When Jeb Bush pushing life / If I tout my weapon http://genius.com/Trick-daddy-bricks-and-marijuana-lyrics
33 33 Hillary Clinton Again (Stankonia Remix) Big Boi neutral   2001 Thinkin the Hillary Clinton, not to mention, and she got yo baby http://genius.com/Lenny-kravitz-again-stankonia-remix-lyrics
38 38 Hillary Clinton Nunca Chino XL neutral   2001 I'll shoot out with Bill & Hillary, still won't run out of artillery http://genius.com/Chino-xl-nunca-lyrics
42 42 Hillary Clinton Fukinwichu Cunninlynguists negative personal 2001 Send Hillary the Bill and Lewinski scene in claymation http://genius.com/Cunninlynguists-fukinwichu-lyrics
140 141 Donald Trump Everywhere I Go Tha Eastsidaz positive hotel 2001 I got a room at the Trump / Later on we can slump http://genius.com/Tha-eastsidaz-everywhere-i-go-lyrics
141 142 Donald Trump Ghetto Manifesto The Coup neutral   2001 Met Donald Trump and he froze up http://genius.com/The-coup-ghetto-manifesto-lyrics
324 325 Donald Trump Big Tyme Stretch positive money 2001 I'm beyond that, livin' like Trump http://genius.com/E-money-bags-big-time-lyrics
47 47 Hillary Clinton Hit It for Free Field Mob negative personal 2002 I'm like Farakahn being best friends with porky pig / Or like Hillary Clinton dikin' with Lewinsky http://genius.com/Field-mob-hit-it-for-free-lyrics
113 114 Donald Trump 50/Banks 50 Cent positive money 2002 We can talk Trump talk, real estate, stocks, and bonds http://genius.com/50-cent-50-banks-lyrics
124 125 Donald Trump Boughetto Ali positive money 2002 Trump money, but it's still the motel and Kyjuan http://genius.com/Ali-boughetto-lyrics
143 144 Donald Trump Crazy 50 Cent positive hotel 2002 Now I'm paid - catch me in the Trump Tower lobby http://genius.com/50-cent-crazy-lyrics
144 145 Donald Trump Wet! Wet! Wet! Princess Superstar neutral hotel 2002 Wet in the elevator, Trump Tower or my lunch hour http://genius.com/Princess-superstar-wet-wet-wet-lyrics
145 146 Donald Trump Get Paid Styles P positive hotel 2002 Tryin' to see my shit in the Forbes, Trump Tower for 'self http://genius.com/Styles-p-get-paid-lyrics
147 148 Donald Trump John They're Stealing Thirstin Howl III neutral money 2002 Sold to Donald Trump, for personal checks http://genius.com/Thirstin-howl-iii-john-theyre-stealing-lyrics
151 152 Donald Trump Take It Off Part 2 Busta Rhymes positive hotel 2002 Kennedy loft hoes mackin at the top of the Trump Towers http://genius.com/Busta-rhymes-take-it-off-part-2-lyrics
225 226 Donald Trump Thug Chronicles Kool G. Rap positive money 2002 Collect Trump papers with pumps and gauges http://genius.com/Kool-g-rap-thug-chronicles-lyrics
325 326 Donald Trump Pussy Strings positive money 2002 I'm sitting on some make em holla pussy / Bill Gates Donald Trump million dollar pussy http://genius.com/Strings-pussy-lyrics
79 79 Hillary Clinton Poizon Windz Monsta Island Czars neutral   2003 Head essential lightning agency throats, thinkin of Hilary Clinton http://genius.com/Monsta-island-czars-poizon-windz-lyrics
142 143 Donald Trump Shorty Chingy positive money 2003 I'm the young Donald Trump, is y'all hearin me? http://genius.com/Busta-rhymes-shorty-lyrics
153 154 Donald Trump What More Can I Say Jay Z positive hotel 2003 I'm at the Trump International: ask for me I ain't never scared http://genius.com/Jay-z-what-more-can-i-say-lyrics
154 155 Donald Trump Nothing More DeDa positive money 2003 Cause boom, you can be Donald Trump and shit http://genius.com/Pete-rock-nothing-more-lyrics
242 243 Donald Trump Hip Hop Quotables Ludacris positive money 2003 I buy cars with straight cash, have meetings with Donald Trump http://genius.com/Ludacris-hip-hop-quotables-lyrics
57 57 Hillary Clinton American History X Ill Bill negative political 2004 I eat politicians for breakfast / Till infinity it's endless / Bill and Hillary, George Bush, everybody's gettin it http://genius.com/Ill-bill-american-history-x-lyrics
85 85 Hillary Clinton Yzark Proof neutral personal 2004 While Clinton got head I was in the sack with old Hillary http://genius.com/Proof-yzark-lyrics
156 157 Donald Trump Feel the Beat LL Cool J positive hotel 2004 Spend a night in Trump Towers with a blue eyed blonde http://genius.com/Ll-cool-j-feel-the-beat-lyrics
157 158 Donald Trump Shyne Shyne positive hotel 2004 And dick for you bitches, up in the Trump Tower http://genius.com/Shyne-shyne-lyrics
213 214 Donald Trump Tim Westwood Freestyle Kanye West positive money 2004 Uh, more like Donald Trump, with the way I get it crunk http://genius.com/Kanye-west-tim-westwood-freestyle-lyrics
234 235 Donald Trump Get Down Lil Wayne positive money 2004 I gotta hold up my estate like Donald Trump http://genius.com/Lil-wayne-get-down-lyrics
8 8 Jeb Bush Bush Song Macklemore negative political 2005 Way to go Jeb, really great strategy http://genius.com/Macklemore-bush-song-lyrics
10 10 Jeb Bush Chamber of Fear RZA neutral personal 2005 Bobby got Bush like George and Jeb http://genius.com/Rza-chamber-of-fear-lyrics
11 11 Jeb Bush Tell Me Why Zeno neutral personal 2005 I was promised eternal life from the beginning / But look at Bush and his brother http://genius.com/Vanilla-ice-tell-me-why-lyrics
27 27 Hillary Clinton Set Me Free Crunch Lo neutral   2005 I'm so sex, and my Bonnie, my mami, my Hillary Rod http://genius.com/Dom-pachino-set-me-free-lyrics
29 29 Hillary Clinton Grillz Ali neutral   2005 Got a bill in my mouth like I'm Hillary Rodham http://genius.com/Nelly-grillz-lyrics
158 159 Donald Trump Right to Bare Arms Killah Priest negative   2005 This one's for the cops and the war lord Trump http://genius.com/Maccabeez-right-to-bare-arms-lyrics
160 161 Donald Trump Good Morning Cage neutral   2005 Donald Trump shotgun pumps illegal store fronts http://genius.com/Cage-good-morning-lyrics
161 162 Donald Trump Dumb The High & Mighty negative personal 2005 I'm Donald Trump, with raccoon hair-dos http://genius.com/The-high-and-mighty-dumb-lyrics
162 163 Donald Trump I Wish You Would Chino XL neutral The Apprentice 2005 Music's my apprentice Donald Trump couldn't fire me http://genius.com/Sway-i-wish-you-would-lyrics
165 166 Donald Trump Shut Up Bitch Lil Kim positive hotel 2005 I'm in the Trump International, 30 floors up (so high) http://genius.com/Lil-kim-shut-up-bitch-lyrics

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