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111 112 Donald Trump Protect Ya Neck II the Zoo 12 O'Clock - Brooklyn Zu positive money 1995 Given the power punch, soon to be paid like Donald Trump http://genius.com/Ol-dirty-bastard-protect-ya-neck-ii-the-zoo-lyrics
270 271 Donald Trump Party Ain't A Party 2 Chainz positive hotel 2014 Exit the club to the Trump http://genius.com/Jamie-foxx-party-aint-a-party-lyrics
113 114 Donald Trump 50/Banks 50 Cent positive money 2002 We can talk Trump talk, real estate, stocks, and bonds http://genius.com/50-cent-50-banks-lyrics
143 144 Donald Trump Crazy 50 Cent positive hotel 2002 Now I'm paid - catch me in the Trump Tower lobby http://genius.com/50-cent-crazy-lyrics
115 116 Donald Trump Strip Club Luv 69 Boyz positive money 1998 Girl if your beauty was a dollar you'd be richer than Trump http://genius.com/69-boyz-strip-club-luv-lyrics
116 117 Donald Trump No Shots 7L & Esoteric positive money 2010 It's like Trump in your crib countin' money with you http://genius.com/7l-no-shots-lyrics
117 118 Donald Trump Skypager A Tribe Called Quest positive money 1991 Beeper's goin off like Don Trump gets checks http://genius.com/A-tribe-called-quest-skypager-lyrics
346 347 Donald Trump FLEM A$AP Ferg negative political 2016 Trump win, I'm flying off the soil http://genius.com/A-ap-ferg-flem-lyrics
241 242 Donald Trump Perfume Aasim positive hotel 2013 Four Seasons or the Trump, come have a sleep over http://genius.com/Aasim-perfume-lyrics
301 302 Donald Trump Have a Nice Day Ab-Stract negative political 2015 Don't look like change will happen soon / Donald Trump is all that they talk about http://genius.com/Ab-stract-have-a-nice-day-lyrics
121 122 Donald Trump Trailer Ace Hood positive money 2013 I'm trying to get richer than Trump, a couple million for lunch http://genius.com/Ace-hood-trailer-lyrics
229 230 Donald Trump Elimination Chamber Action Bronson positive hotel 2012 Backflip in a jacuzzi, forty floors inside the Trump http://genius.com/Domo-genesis-and-alchemist-elimination-chamber-lyrics
1 1 Mike Huckabee None Shall Pass Aesop Rock neutral   2011 Wither by the watering hole, Border patrol / What are we to Heart Huckabee http://genius.com/Aesop-rock-none-shall-pass-lyrics
123 124 Donald Trump Yeah Yeah Yeah Akala positive money 2006 It amazes me, these rappers are so dumb / Get they advance and think they Trump http://genius.com/Akala-yeah-yeah-yeah-lyrics
29 29 Hillary Clinton Grillz Ali neutral   2005 Got a bill in my mouth like I'm Hillary Rodham http://genius.com/Nelly-grillz-lyrics
124 125 Donald Trump Boughetto Ali positive money 2002 Trump money, but it's still the motel and Kyjuan http://genius.com/Ali-boughetto-lyrics
30 30 Hillary Clinton Nothing on My Mind AllDay neutral   2013 Young buck but I never suck call me Hillary http://genius.com/Allday-nothing-on-my-mind-lyrics
210 211 Donald Trump I Don't Play With Guns Alley Boy neutral   2011 Add up our word: all the nonbelievers in white chalk / Trump n----, talk shit http://genius.com/Juicy-j-i-dont-play-with-guns-lyrics
31 31 Hillary Clinton Gossip Folks Angel Haze negative   2012 ‰Û÷Cause I was alone at the bottom / Kept getting played like Hilary Rodham http://genius.com/Angel-haze-gossip-folks-lyrics
32 32 Hillary Clinton No Church in the Wild Freestyle Angel Haze negative political 2012 We goverend by fucking animals hello Mr. Obama, Comma Mrs. Obama comma future elections, hello Hillary Rodham http://genius.com/Angel-haze-no-church-in-the-wild-freestyle-lyrics
15 15 Ted Cruz PNT Apollo Brown & Ras Kass negative political 2015 Fuck Fox News and fuck Ted Cruz http://genius.com/Apollo-brown-and-ras-kass-pnt-lyrics
297 298 Donald Trump PNT Apollo Brown & Ras Kass neutral political 2015 He Kenyan, Trump wanted his certificate of birth http://genius.com/Apollo-brown-and-ras-kass-pnt-lyrics
13 13 Chris Christie Daydreaming Awkwafina neutral   2014 Chris Christie, you a man beast http://genius.com/Awkwafina-daydreaming-lyrics
339 340 Donald Trump Gucci Comin Home BIA neutral   2016 Man if Gucci comin' home then we don't need no Donald Trump http://genius.com/Bia-gucci-comin-home-lyrics
19 19 Hillary Clinton Shorty Baby Bas negative personal 2013 Makin me call Lewinski / You fuckin up like Hilary did http://genius.com/Bas-shorty-baby-lyrics
110 111 Donald Trump Johnny Ryall Beastie Boys neutral   1989 Donald Trump and Donald Tramp living in the men's Shelter http://genius.com/Beastie-boys-johnny-ryall-lyrics
33 33 Hillary Clinton Again (Stankonia Remix) Big Boi neutral   2001 Thinkin the Hillary Clinton, not to mention, and she got yo baby http://genius.com/Lenny-kravitz-again-stankonia-remix-lyrics
34 34 Hillary Clinton Energy Big Boi neutral personal 2008 Energy like Bill and Hillary Clinton http://genius.com/Raheem-devaughn-energy-feat-big-boi-lyrics
69 69 Hillary Clinton Whatever You Want Big Sean positive money 2010 Leading lady like Hillary grabbing big Bills http://genius.com/Big-sean-whatever-you-want-lyrics
129 130 Donald Trump Ba Bump Black Eyed Peas positive money 2006 And if you got money fellas keep it like Trump http://genius.com/Black-eyed-peas-ba-bump-lyrics
130 131 Donald Trump Open Your Mind Black The Ripper positive money 2013 Who am I kidding, I'm try'na live lavish like Trump http://genius.com/Black-the-ripper-open-your-mind-lyrics
131 132 Donald Trump PlaneWalker Bobby Raps positive money 2015 I do more deals than Donald Trump does http://genius.com/Bobby-raps-planewalker-wuhuwahnmi2du-lyrics
341 342 Donald Trump World War 6 Boosie Badazz neutral political 2016 If Trump wins, heås saying heås building the wall to stop the dope http://genius.com/Boosie-badazz-world-war-6-lyrics
271 272 Donald Trump Last Year Borgore neutral power 2014 Fuck the Trump, I want my own tower http://genius.com/Borgore-last-year-lyrics
134 135 Donald Trump Molly (remix) Boston George positive money 2013 Big money like Donald Trump http://genius.com/Boston-george-molly-remix-lyrics
135 136 Donald Trump Cloud Aura Brooke Candy positive personal 2013 Ivana and Trump, shit, we coulda' ran the world http://genius.com/Charli-xcx-cloud-aura-lyrics
151 152 Donald Trump Take It Off Part 2 Busta Rhymes positive hotel 2002 Kennedy loft hoes mackin at the top of the Trump Towers http://genius.com/Busta-rhymes-take-it-off-part-2-lyrics
160 161 Donald Trump Good Morning Cage neutral   2005 Donald Trump shotgun pumps illegal store fronts http://genius.com/Cage-good-morning-lyrics
138 139 Donald Trump Dipshits Cam'ron positive hotel 2014 Lookin' for me? Top floor suite of the Trump, baby http://genius.com/Camron-dipshits-lyrics
299 300 Donald Trump Dope Spot Cam'ron neutral political 2015 Arrogant rich n----, we might vote for Trump http://genius.com/Camron-berner-dope-spot-lyrics
348 349 Donald Trump Thought U Lost It Caskey negative political 2016 Our country-fucked if I'm assessin' the candidates / If Donald Trump wins maybe a man of space http://genius.com/Caskey-thought-u-lost-it-lyrics
177 178 Donald Trump The Morning News Chamillionaire neutral   2007 Rosie O'Donnell and Donald Trump stay arguin' about nonsense http://genius.com/Chamillionaire-the-morning-news-lyrics
36 36 Hillary Clinton Unapologetic Charles Hamilton negative political 2008 You more like Hillary / Only in it cuz you used to fuck the ex leader, n---- http://genius.com/Charles-hamilton-unapologetic-lyrics
142 143 Donald Trump Shorty Chingy positive money 2003 I'm the young Donald Trump, is y'all hearin me? http://genius.com/Busta-rhymes-shorty-lyrics
302 303 Donald Trump Flavas Back Chino Tovar negative political 2015 Stop deportation we just chasing dreams / Donald Trump - King of Slavery http://genius.com/The-sindicate-flavas-back-lyrics
37 37 Hillary Clinton Dark Night of the Blood Spiller Chino XL negative sexual 1994 Getting my dick sucked / On the cover of Source magazine by Hillary Clinton http://genius.com/Chino-xl-night-of-the-blood-spiller-lyrics
38 38 Hillary Clinton Nunca Chino XL neutral   2001 I'll shoot out with Bill & Hillary, still won't run out of artillery http://genius.com/Chino-xl-nunca-lyrics
162 163 Donald Trump I Wish You Would Chino XL neutral The Apprentice 2005 Music's my apprentice Donald Trump couldn't fire me http://genius.com/Sway-i-wish-you-would-lyrics
14 14 Chris Christie Brass Tacks Chris Webby neutral   2016 Eating rappers like I got the appetite of Chris Christie http://genius.com/Chris-webby-brass-tacks-lyrics
39 39 Hillary Clinton Datpiff (freeverse series Ep. 4) Chris Webby neutral   2016 The planet is collapsing, economies are crashin' / And Hillary Clinton is dabbin' http://genius.com/Chris-webby-datpiff-freeverse-series-ep-4-lyrics
214 215 Donald Trump Webster's Laboratory Chris Webby neutral The Apprentice 2011 So authentic Donald Trump is my apprentice http://genius.com/Chris-webby-websters-laboratory-lyrics
337 338 Donald Trump Datpiff (freeverse series Ep. 4) Chris Webby neutral   2016 You'll never see it like Donald Trump on a prayer mat http://genius.com/Chris-webby-datpiff-freeverse-series-ep-4-lyrics
146 147 Donald Trump Hustle Harder Common positive hotel 2014 She know what n----s want she know how to make 'em hunt / Hotel suite at the Trump http://genius.com/Common-hustle-harder-lyrics
40 40 Hillary Clinton One Corny positive money 2014 Blowing up like some artillery, Bills coming to me like Hillary http://genius.com/Corny-one-lyrics
349 350 Donald Trump I Need Croosh negative political 2016 I want to buy Donald Trump and sell him to El Chapo http://genius.com/Croosh-i-need-lyrics
27 27 Hillary Clinton Set Me Free Crunch Lo neutral   2005 I'm so sex, and my Bonnie, my mami, my Hillary Rod http://genius.com/Dom-pachino-set-me-free-lyrics
42 42 Hillary Clinton Fukinwichu Cunninlynguists negative personal 2001 Send Hillary the Bill and Lewinski scene in claymation http://genius.com/Cunninlynguists-fukinwichu-lyrics
148 149 Donald Trump Motion Curren$y positive hotel 2012 Car service brung me to the Trump Tower http://genius.com/Curren-y-motion-lyrics
149 150 Donald Trump Kick Back Music CyHi The Prynce neutral hotel 2013 That might get you staying a couple nights up at the Trump http://genius.com/Cyhi-the-prynce-kick-back-music-lyrics
150 151 Donald Trump SkyScraper V D.R.C positive money 2013 I'm trying to make it large trying to Donald Trump it http://genius.com/Drc-skyscraper-v-lyrics
303 304 Donald Trump Making Some Moves DAJ negative   2015 Young n----s get it, fuck Donald Trump http://genius.com/Daj-making-some-moves-lyrics
152 153 Donald Trump Jussummen Das EFX positive money 1992 I went and break a slut like Donald Trump can break a million http://genius.com/Das-efx-jussummen-lyrics
350 351 Donald Trump Bad Boy on Death Row Dave East negative   2016 Donald Trump ain't safe on my block, gotcha your wifey at IHOP http://genius.com/Dave-east-bad-boy-on-death-row-lyrics
154 155 Donald Trump Nothing More DeDa positive money 2003 Cause boom, you can be Donald Trump and shit http://genius.com/Pete-rock-nothing-more-lyrics
155 156 Donald Trump Tightanic Demark positive money 2014 We'åll run the market like we be Donald Trump http://genius.com/Double-p-tightanic-lyrics
243 244 Donald Trump Raiders Cap Demigodz negative personal 2013 Blow your wig to the side like hair on Donald Trump http://genius.com/Demigodz-raiders-cap-lyrics
230 231 Donald Trump Help Me Deuce neutral money 2012 Motherfucker I ain't got no love for some fake ass wannabe Donald Trump! http://genius.com/Deuce-help-me-lyrics
342 343 Donald Trump Pop Style (Remix) Devvon Terrell neutral personal 2016 You want official like Donald Trump hair http://genius.com/Devvon-terrell-pop-style-remix-lyrics
3 3 Jeb Bush Awe Dez & Nobs neutral   2006 I heard Jeb Bush looking for a (inaudible) http://genius.com/Dez-and-nobs-awe-lyrics
4 4 Jeb Bush The Truth Diabolic negative political 2006 What you heard before ain't as big of a lesson / As George and Jeb Bush rigging elections http://genius.com/Diabolic-the-truth-lyrics
159 160 Donald Trump We Gon' Make It Diddy positive money 2006 That Bill Gates, Donald Trump, Bloomberg money http://genius.com/Puff-daddy-we-gon-make-it-lyrics
112 113 Donald Trump My Word Is Bond Donald D positive   1989 And after that me and Donald Trump hung out / Donald talkin' 'bout Donald Trump,' man, y'all is crazy http://genius.com/Ice-t-my-word-is-bond-lyrics
219 220 Donald Trump Best Days of Lives Donnis neutral   2011 I'm a Mac bitch, I stay on my Donald Trump shit http://genius.com/Xv-best-days-of-lives-lyrics
351 352 Donald Trump CIT4DT Dooley negative political 2016 We got a chopper in the trunk for Donald Trump http://genius.com/Dooley-cit4dt-lyrics
163 164 Donald Trump Money Talks Double X Posse positive money 1995 A bank account so fat that Donald Trump would wanna be me http://genius.com/Double-x-double-xx-posse-money-talks-lyrics
164 165 Donald Trump I'm Ballin' Man Drama positive money 2000 More realer than Rockafeller more cheese than Donald Trump http://genius.com/Dr-ama-im-ballin-lyrics
194 195 Donald Trump Folklore Dumbtron negative political 2009 Alarming heat at the heels of a punk politician / Trump tall tales with a bump full of bomb fission http://genius.com/Mr-lif-folklore-lyrics
166 167 Donald Trump Trump Change E-40 positive money 1998 Trump change, I'm talkin Donald Trump change http://genius.com/E-40-trump-change-lyrics
43 43 Hillary Clinton Opening Day E-dubble negative   2010 Specially when you throwin' like Hillary Rodham / Problem, from top to bottom http://genius.com/E-dubble-opening-day-lyrics
359 360 Donald Trump Nobody Speak El-P negative personal 2016 Flame your crew quicker than Trump fucks his youngest http://genius.com/Dj-shadow-nobody-speak-lyrics
44 44 Hillary Clinton Role Model Eminem negative   1999 Hillary Clinton tried to slap me and call me a pervert / I ripped her fucking tonsils out and fed her sherbet (bitch!) http://genius.com/Eminem-role-model-lyrics
45 45 Hillary Clinton Sway in the Morning Freestyle Eminem negative political 2015 But Hilllary, I promise to wipe my server clean if you face subpoenas http://genius.com/Eminem-sway-in-the-morning-freestyle-lyrics
305 306 Donald Trump Sway in The Morning Freestyle Eminem negative political 2015 I'm fucked worse than Donald Trump on Lexapro in Mexico across from a Texaco in McDonald's drunk http://genius.com/Eminem-sway-in-the-morning-freestyle-lyrics
169 170 Donald Trump Buy U Some 2 Erick Sermon positive money 2006 No need to talk about the reeiches, I mean Trump punk http://genius.com/Too-short-buy-u-some-2-lyrics
46 46 Hillary Clinton A Milli Fabolous negative personal 2008 Hillary, Bill Clin--Fuck it. They don't get it http://genius.com/Fabolous-a-milli-lyrics
171 172 Donald Trump Mo Cars Mo Hoes Fabolous positive money 2008 They know I'm hood rich, Donald Trump of the pumpers http://genius.com/Fabolous-mo-cars-mo-hoes-lyrics
183 184 Donald Trump Suicide Fabolous positive hotel 2008 It's Loso, a.k.a the 1 Trump Plaza suite creeper http://genius.com/Fabolous-suicide-lyrics
172 173 Donald Trump So What Far East Movement positive money 2010 Hundred dollar bills stacked higher than the Trump http://genius.com/Far-east-movement-so-what-lyrics
173 174 Donald Trump LIE-Z Fat Boys positive money 1989 Boy, I got money like Donald Trump! http://genius.com/Fat-boys-lie-z-lyrics
174 175 Donald Trump Jealousy Fat Joe positive money 2006 We fuckin with Donald Trump now http://genius.com/Fat-joe-jealousy-lyrics
195 196 Donald Trump Put Ya in Da Game Fat Joe positive hotel 2009 I took her out of the 'jects, the top floor of the Trump http://genius.com/Fat-joe-put-ya-in-da-game-lyrics
273 274 Donald Trump What We Doing Fat Trel positive hotel 2014 Where we at? (Trump Tower) http://genius.com/Fat-trel-what-we-doing-lyrics
47 47 Hillary Clinton Hit It for Free Field Mob negative personal 2002 I'm like Farakahn being best friends with porky pig / Or like Hillary Clinton dikin' with Lewinsky http://genius.com/Field-mob-hit-it-for-free-lyrics
221 222 Donald Trump Lights Frank Ocean neutral money 2011 Donald Trump said buy an apartment wit her http://genius.com/Frank-ocean-lights-lyrics
184 185 Donald Trump Mo Cars Mo Hoes Freck Billionaire positive hotel 2008 Trump Tower, you ain't got the same room as me http://genius.com/Fabolous-mo-cars-mo-hoes-lyrics
304 305 Donald Trump 10 Times Freddie Gibbs positive hotel 2015 Smokin at the Trump Tower, bout to call a ho http://genius.com/Freddie-gibbs-10-times-lyrics
246 247 Donald Trump Dis Ain't What You Want (Remix) French Montana negative   2013 You can hate, don't frown, my n---- / With Donald Trump in the trunk, my n---- http://genius.com/Lil-durk-dis-aint-what-you-want-remix-lyrics
127 128 Donald Trump Turn It Into Somethin' Frost positive hotel 1999 Real G's posted up at the Trump Towers http://genius.com/Frost-turn-it-into-somethin-lyrics
182 183 Donald Trump We Made Our Own Future positive money 2013 I'm John Gotti paid, now I'm going Donald Trump http://genius.com/Future-we-made-our-own-lyrics
247 248 Donald Trump Don't Drop That Futuristic neutral The Apprentice 2013 Not even Donald Trump would fire Zach http://genius.com/Futuristic-dont-drop-that-lyrics

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