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266 267 Donald Trump Loaded Young Thug neutral   2013 (Uh!) Plottin' on Donald Trump (woo! woo!) http://genius.com/Young-thug-loaded-lyrics
60 60 Hillary Clinton Mayor Bloomberg: Who's Really in Control? Jasiri X neutral   2013 2016 that's right Hillary I'll show you what a Billie means http://genius.com/Jasiri-x-mayor-bloomberg-whos-really-in-control-lyrics
163 164 Donald Trump Money Talks Double X Posse positive money 1995 A bank account so fat that Donald Trump would wanna be me http://genius.com/Double-x-double-xx-posse-money-talks-lyrics
210 211 Donald Trump I Don't Play With Guns Alley Boy neutral   2011 Add up our word: all the nonbelievers in white chalk / Trump n----, talk shit http://genius.com/Juicy-j-i-dont-play-with-guns-lyrics
308 309 Donald Trump Spraying My Pen Saukrates positive money 2013 Ain't no apprentice, I'm Donald Trump / Get money, get money, I don't succumb http://genius.com/K-os-spraying-my-pen-lyrics
189 190 Donald Trump Loose Spank Rock positive hotel 2008 Ain't that what you want, a Hilton ain't a Trump http://genius.com/Spank-rock-loose-lyrics
194 195 Donald Trump Folklore Dumbtron negative political 2009 Alarming heat at the heels of a punk politician / Trump tall tales with a bump full of bomb fission http://genius.com/Mr-lif-folklore-lyrics
24 24 Hillary Clinton Where They Do That At Yo Gotti positive   2015 All I know is white girl I call her Hillary cause that bitch got power plus she so considerate http://genius.com/Yo-gotti-where-they-do-that-at-lyrics
53 53 Hillary Clinton Every Girl Gudda Gudda neutral   2010 And Hillary can Rodham too, boy, I gets my pimpin' on http://genius.com/Young-money-every-girl-lyrics
55 55 Hillary Clinton Hand of the Dead Body Ice Cube negative personal 1994 And I can't stop, won't stop / So fuck Bill and Hillary http://genius.com/Scarface-hand-of-the-dead-body-lyrics
353 354 Donald Trump High Seas (C+) Tom Hobbes positive money 2013 And I'm all about that real estate so Donald Trump I feel you http://genius.com/Tom-hobbes-high-seas-c-lyrics
323 324 Donald Trump Loco Young Buck negative political 2015 And I'm fuck wat Donald Trump talk bout I like change when I met Rosetta http://genius.com/Young-buck-loco-lyrics
112 113 Donald Trump My Word Is Bond Donald D positive   1989 And after that me and Donald Trump hung out / Donald talkin' 'bout Donald Trump,' man, y'all is crazy http://genius.com/Ice-t-my-word-is-bond-lyrics
157 158 Donald Trump Shyne Shyne positive hotel 2004 And dick for you bitches, up in the Trump Tower http://genius.com/Shyne-shyne-lyrics
211 212 Donald Trump Shootin Juicy J neutral The Apprentice 2013 And fire them shots just like I'm Donald Trump http://genius.com/Juicy-j-shootin-lyrics
322 323 Donald Trump R.I.C.O. (Remix) Waka Flocka Flame negative political 2015 And fuck Donald Trump, man / I'm sending you straight to Mexico to live in, motherfucker http://genius.com/Waka-flocka-flame-rico-remix-lyrics
129 130 Donald Trump Ba Bump Black Eyed Peas positive money 2006 And if you got money fellas keep it like Trump http://genius.com/Black-eyed-peas-ba-bump-lyrics
238 239 Donald Trump Lil Snupe Meek Mill Freestyle Part 2 Lil' Snupe positive money 2013 And show her how I get it like I'm Donald Trump http://genius.com/Lil-snupe-lil-snupe-meek-mill-freestyle-part-2-lyrics
204 205 Donald Trump Still Get It in Ohio Machine Gun Kelly neutral   2010 And they call me Donald Trump Mr. O-H-I-O took your misses / And now you just Mr. I-hate-my-ho (lame) http://genius.com/Machine-gun-kelly-still-get-it-in-ohio-lyrics
70 70 Hillary Clinton Lollipop Lil Wayne neutral personal 2008 And when I'm at the bottom, she Hillary Rodham http://genius.com/Lil-wayne-lollipop-lyrics
299 300 Donald Trump Dope Spot Cam'ron neutral political 2015 Arrogant rich n----, we might vote for Trump http://genius.com/Camron-berner-dope-spot-lyrics
288 289 Donald Trump Sacrifices Rich Homie Quan positive money 2013 Ask Donald Trump, I want his figures http://genius.com/Rich-homie-quan-sacrifices-lyrics
318 319 Donald Trump Free Enterprise Rick Ross negative political 2015 Assassinate Trump like I'm Zimmerman http://genius.com/Rick-ross-free-enterprise-lyrics
269 270 Donald Trump I Wanna Be With You Nicki Minaj positive hotel 2013 At the Trump, and you bitches at the Radisson http://genius.com/Dj-khaled-i-wanna-be-with-you-lyrics
100 101 Hillary Clinton Fresh Slick Rick neutral personal 1998 Babies jump out the carriage / Could even fix the Hillary and Clinton marriage http://genius.com/Jermaine-dupri-fresh-lyrics
229 230 Donald Trump Elimination Chamber Action Bronson positive hotel 2012 Backflip in a jacuzzi, forty floors inside the Trump http://genius.com/Domo-genesis-and-alchemist-elimination-chamber-lyrics
76 76 Hillary Clinton Cradle Rock Method Man negative political 1998 Bad vibes filling me with thoughts of conspiracy / White Water scandals with Bill Clinton/Hillary http://genius.com/Method-man-cradle-rock-lyrics
198 199 Donald Trump So Appalled Kanye West neutral money 2010 Balding, Donald Trump taking dollars from y'all http://genius.com/Kanye-west-so-appalled-lyrics
107 108 Hillary Clinton For Real Yung God neutral personal 2014 Bang, Heavy artillery young Bill Clint / Make your girl go Hillary boy http://genius.com/Yung-god-for-real-lyrics
117 118 Donald Trump Skypager A Tribe Called Quest positive money 1991 Beeper's goin off like Don Trump gets checks http://genius.com/A-tribe-called-quest-skypager-lyrics
253 254 Donald Trump Dag, Philly Too Homeboy Sandman neutral   2013 Before a Trump, the billionaire punks was the pattern http://genius.com/Homeboy-sandman-dag-philly-too-lyrics
298 299 Donald Trump She Wanna Fuck Rick Ross positive money 2015 Bel Air bottles like a boss, penthouse at the Trump http://genius.com/Rick-ross-she-wanna-fuck-lyrics
109 110 Bernie Sanders The Ancap Rap Young Rippa negative political 2015 Bernie sanders is an economic illiterate http://genius.com/Young-rippa-the-ancap-rap-lyrics
176 177 Donald Trump Playas Only The Game neutral hotel 2006 Bet she ain't never seen the penthouse at The Trump http://genius.com/The-game-playas-only-lyrics
185 186 Donald Trump Love Don't Cost a Thing (Neptunes Remix) Ghostface Killah positive money 2012 Big lobster dishes wit Trump, this how come I feel for you http://genius.com/Jennifer-lopez-love-dont-cost-a-thing-neptunes-remix-lyrics
134 135 Donald Trump Molly (remix) Boston George positive money 2013 Big money like Donald Trump http://genius.com/Boston-george-molly-remix-lyrics
312 313 Donald Trump One Name Sheek Louch positive money 2005 Big trips, Louis bags, welcome to the ice (bling) / Rock big enough to make Trump look twice http://genius.com/Sheek-louch-one-name-lyrics
105 106 Hillary Clinton I Shoulda Tried Harder Wax neutral personal 2013 Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, I ain't talking to ya'll, nope http://genius.com/Wax-i-shoulda-tried-harder-lyrics
267 268 Donald Trump Country Grammar (Hot Shit) Nelly positive money 2000 Bill Gates, Donald Trump, let me in now http://genius.com/Nelly-country-grammar-hot-shit-lyrics
187 188 Donald Trump Song for the Ville J.Cole neutral money 2010 Bill Gates, Donald Trump, motherfucker let me in http://genius.com/J-cole-song-for-the-ville-lyrics
255 256 Donald Trump Bars Migos positive money 2016 Billionaire looking my way I‰Ûªm on pace / Feeling like Donald Trump back in the day http://genius.com/Migos-bars-lyrics
373 374 Donald Trump On the Way Young Thug positive money 2014 Bitches got bumps and I'm rich just like Donald Trump http://genius.com/Mpa-duke-on-the-way-lyrics
99 100 Hillary Clinton Badman in Tivoli Skepta neutral personal 2012 Black Bill Clinton linking Monica and Hillary http://genius.com/Skepta-badman-in-tivoli-lyrics
285 286 Donald Trump Google That Raekwon positive money 2012 Black Trump, n----, with fat pockets http://genius.com/Nore-google-that-lyrics
243 244 Donald Trump Raiders Cap Demigodz negative personal 2013 Blow your wig to the side like hair on Donald Trump http://genius.com/Demigodz-raiders-cap-lyrics
40 40 Hillary Clinton One Corny positive money 2014 Blowing up like some artillery, Bills coming to me like Hillary http://genius.com/Corny-one-lyrics
10 10 Jeb Bush Chamber of Fear RZA neutral personal 2005 Bobby got Bush like George and Jeb http://genius.com/Rza-chamber-of-fear-lyrics
173 174 Donald Trump LIE-Z Fat Boys positive money 1989 Boy, I got money like Donald Trump! http://genius.com/Fat-boys-lie-z-lyrics
377 378 Donald Trump It's Goin' Down Yung Joc positive money 2006 Boys from the hood call me black Donald Trump http://genius.com/Yung-joc-its-goin-down-lyrics
119 120 Donald Trump The Coup The Coup negative political 1993 Break yourself Trump, it's collection day http://genius.com/The-coup-the-coup-lyrics
208 209 Donald Trump If You Love Me Sheek Louch positive hotel 2010 Burgundy gauze, Trump building one of these floors http://genius.com/Dj-absolut-if-you-love-me-lyrics
263 264 Donald Trump I Shoulda Tried Harder Wax neutral   2013 But Donald Trump I ain't talking to you http://genius.com/Wax-i-shoulda-tried-harder-lyrics
45 45 Hillary Clinton Sway in the Morning Freestyle Eminem negative political 2015 But Hilllary, I promise to wipe my server clean if you face subpoenas http://genius.com/Eminem-sway-in-the-morning-freestyle-lyrics
89 89 Hillary Clinton Born to Ball Skeme positive money 2012 But I'm all about my bills / Grind stay Hillary Rodham http://genius.com/Skeme-born-to-ball-lyrics
86 86 Hillary Clinton PSA Pryde neutral personal 2012 But they only like me for my bill like they're Hillary http://genius.com/Pryde-psa-lyrics
200 201 Donald Trump Blue Flame Remix Lil B neutral The Apprentice 2010 Call me Donald Trump how I fire losers / How Donald Trump fire workers, I fire rugers http://genius.com/Lil-b-blue-flame-remix-lyrics
125 126 Donald Trump Mafioso Kool G. Rap positive hotel 1998 Can't stop until I got a Casa up in Trump plaza http://genius.com/Kool-g-rap-mafioso-lyrics
148 149 Donald Trump Motion Curren$y positive hotel 2012 Car service brung me to the Trump Tower http://genius.com/Curren-y-motion-lyrics
296 297 Donald Trump Keith Sweat (Jodeci Freestyle) Young Tero neutral The Apprentice 2014 Cause I got goons that keep the fire, no Donald Trump http://genius.com/Young-tero-keith-sweat-jodeci-freestyle-lyrics
154 155 Donald Trump Nothing More DeDa positive money 2003 Cause boom, you can be Donald Trump and shit http://genius.com/Pete-rock-nothing-more-lyrics
192 193 Donald Trump I Gotta Say What Up!!! Ice Cube positive money 1990 Cause he makin' more than Donald Trump http://genius.com/Ice-cube-i-gotta-say-what-up-lyrics
13 13 Chris Christie Daydreaming Awkwafina neutral   2014 Chris Christie, you a man beast http://genius.com/Awkwafina-daydreaming-lyrics
225 226 Donald Trump Thug Chronicles Kool G. Rap positive money 2002 Collect Trump papers with pumps and gauges http://genius.com/Kool-g-rap-thug-chronicles-lyrics
319 320 Donald Trump El Chapo The Game negative personal 2015 Come through and knock Donald Trump out his toupee http://genius.com/The-game-el-chapo-lyrics
58 58 Hillary Clinton Twisted Thoughts ISO neutral political 2015 Couldn't pay my bills, where the fuck is Hillary? http://genius.com/King-iso-twisted-thoughts-lyrics
317 318 Donald Trump Bonnie & Shyne Shyne neutral hotel 2000 Did it all, Four Seasons to the Trump http://genius.com/Shyne-bonnie-and-shyne-lyrics
301 302 Donald Trump Have a Nice Day Ab-Stract negative political 2015 Don't look like change will happen soon / Donald Trump is all that they talk about http://genius.com/Ab-stract-have-a-nice-day-lyrics
350 351 Donald Trump Bad Boy on Death Row Dave East negative   2016 Donald Trump ain't safe on my block, gotcha your wifey at IHOP http://genius.com/Dave-east-bad-boy-on-death-row-lyrics
110 111 Donald Trump Johnny Ryall Beastie Boys neutral   1989 Donald Trump and Donald Tramp living in the men's Shelter http://genius.com/Beastie-boys-johnny-ryall-lyrics
361 362 Donald Trump Everything's a Go (Remix) Waka Flocka Flame positive money 2012 Donald Trump bank account, you can call it that http://genius.com/Waka-flocka-flame-everythings-a-go-remix-lyrics
261 262 Donald Trump The People's Douche Spose neutral money 2013 Donald Trump just asked me for spare change http://genius.com/Spose-the-peoples-douche-lyrics
355 356 Donald Trump Billionaire Twista positive money 2009 Donald Trump makin big money go-getter http://genius.com/Twista-billionaire-lyrics
228 229 Donald Trump You Know What Tinie Tempah neutral The Apprentice 2011 Donald Trump profit, take an apprenticeship http://genius.com/Tinie-tempah-you-know-what-lyrics
221 222 Donald Trump Lights Frank Ocean neutral money 2011 Donald Trump said buy an apartment wit her http://genius.com/Frank-ocean-lights-lyrics
160 161 Donald Trump Good Morning Cage neutral   2005 Donald Trump shotgun pumps illegal store fronts http://genius.com/Cage-good-morning-lyrics
215 216 Donald Trump P.A. Mac Miller negative personal 2011 Donald Trump with better hair http://genius.com/Freeway-pa-lyrics
122 123 Donald Trump The Ebonic Plague Ras Kass neutral   1997 Donald Trump wouldn't let you shine his shoes my man http://genius.com/Cru-the-ebonic-plague-lyrics
334 335 Donald Trump Fired Tech N9ne neutral The Apprentice 2015 Donald Trump! (Fire that bitch!) http://genius.com/Tech-n9ne-fired-lyrics
335 336 Donald Trump Wet Dollars Tink positive hotel 2015 Downtown livin' at the Trump http://genius.com/Tink-wet-dollars-lyrics
14 14 Chris Christie Brass Tacks Chris Webby neutral   2016 Eating rappers like I got the appetite of Chris Christie http://genius.com/Chris-webby-brass-tacks-lyrics
34 34 Hillary Clinton Energy Big Boi neutral personal 2008 Energy like Bill and Hillary Clinton http://genius.com/Raheem-devaughn-energy-feat-big-boi-lyrics
73 73 Hillary Clinton The Ghetto Won't Change Master P negative political 1996 Every dollar I make, ten go back to Hillary and Bill, I guess life is real http://genius.com/Master-p-the-ghetto-wont-change-lyrics
270 271 Donald Trump Party Ain't A Party 2 Chainz positive hotel 2014 Exit the club to the Trump http://genius.com/Jamie-foxx-party-aint-a-party-lyrics
372 373 Donald Trump Miss U Young Thug positive money 2013 Feel like Donald Trump http://genius.com/Young-thug-miss-u-lyrics
327 328 Donald Trump Trap Problems Migos neutral The Apprentice 2015 Feeling like Donald Trump, bitch you is fired http://genius.com/Migos-trap-problems-lyrics
359 360 Donald Trump Nobody Speak El-P negative personal 2016 Flame your crew quicker than Trump fucks his youngest http://genius.com/Dj-shadow-nobody-speak-lyrics
126 127 Donald Trump Soldiers Master P neutral   1998 Follow me dumpin' n----s study humpin' I ain't Donald Trump http://genius.com/C-murder-soldiers-lyrics
241 242 Donald Trump Perfume Aasim positive hotel 2013 Four Seasons or the Trump, come have a sleep over http://genius.com/Aasim-perfume-lyrics
106 107 Hillary Clinton Girls Got a Gun Yo-Yo negative personal 1993 Fuck Bill Clinton and Hillary http://genius.com/Yo-yo-girls-got-a-gun-lyrics
358 359 Donald Trump Pocket Full of Stones UGK positive   1992 Fuck Black Caesar n----s call me Black Trump http://genius.com/Ugk-pocket-full-of-stones-lyrics
376 377 Donald Trump FDT (Fuck Donald Trump) YG & Nipsey Hussle negative political 2016 Fuck Donald Trump http://genius.com/Yg-and-nipsey-hu-le-fdt-fuck-donald-trump-lyrics
15 15 Ted Cruz PNT Apollo Brown & Ras Kass negative political 2015 Fuck Fox News and fuck Ted Cruz http://genius.com/Apollo-brown-and-ras-kass-pnt-lyrics
181 182 Donald Trump Midgets and Giants Sage Francis neutral The Apprentice 2007 Fuck an apprentice, I've got more firepower than Donald Trump http://genius.com/Sage-francis-midgets-and-giants-lyrics
271 272 Donald Trump Last Year Borgore neutral power 2014 Fuck the Trump, I want my own tower http://genius.com/Borgore-last-year-lyrics
75 75 Hillary Clinton Fuck the Government Mediumjay negative political 2012 Fuck, The Governments Shit / Fuck, Hillary Clinton that Bitch http://genius.com/Mediumjay-fuck-the-government-lyrics
137 138 Donald Trump E.I. Nelly positive hotel 2000 Get a room in Trump Towers just to hit the P hours http://genius.com/Nelly-ei-lyrics
236 237 Donald Trump Racks Lil Wayne positive money 2011 Get money like Donald Trump http://genius.com/Lil-wayne-racks-on-racks-lyrics
262 263 Donald Trump Make the World Go Round Nas positive hotel 2008 Get the whole Trump Tower top floor for the hood http://genius.com/Nas-make-the-world-go-round-lyrics
37 37 Hillary Clinton Dark Night of the Blood Spiller Chino XL negative sexual 1994 Getting my dick sucked / On the cover of Source magazine by Hillary Clinton http://genius.com/Chino-xl-night-of-the-blood-spiller-lyrics
330 331 Donald Trump I Think I'm Swipa Swipa positive money 2013 Getting these dollars call me Swipa Trump http://genius.com/Swipa-i-think-im-swipa-lyrics

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