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289 290 Donald Trump 10 2 10 (Remix) Rick Ross positive hotel 2014 I got a place at the Trump, just to pray for advice http://genius.com/Big-sean-10-2-10-remix-lyrics
304 305 Donald Trump 10 Times Freddie Gibbs positive hotel 2015 Smokin at the Trump Tower, bout to call a ho http://genius.com/Freddie-gibbs-10-times-lyrics
248 249 Donald Trump 211 Master P positive money 1994 Put more cash in my pockets than Donald Trump http://genius.com/Master-p-211-lyrics
113 114 Donald Trump 50/Banks 50 Cent positive money 2002 We can talk Trump talk, real estate, stocks, and bonds http://genius.com/50-cent-50-banks-lyrics
46 46 Hillary Clinton A Milli Fabolous negative personal 2008 Hillary, Bill Clin--Fuck it. They don't get it http://genius.com/Fabolous-a-milli-lyrics
78 78 Hillary Clinton A Thing for Me G-Eazy neutral personal 2011 Liberally, accepting Monicas but missing Hillary http://genius.com/G-eazy-a-thing-for-me-lyrics
33 33 Hillary Clinton Again (Stankonia Remix) Big Boi neutral   2001 Thinkin the Hillary Clinton, not to mention, and she got yo baby http://genius.com/Lenny-kravitz-again-stankonia-remix-lyrics
57 57 Hillary Clinton American History X Ill Bill negative political 2004 I eat politicians for breakfast / Till infinity it's endless / Bill and Hillary, George Bush, everybody's gettin it http://genius.com/Ill-bill-american-history-x-lyrics
217 218 Donald Trump Another One Rock neutral   2011 I own them, fuck a Donald Trump, I'm 'Donald Dump' I got realty http://genius.com/Random-axe-another-one-lyrics
3 3 Jeb Bush Awe Dez & Nobs neutral   2006 I heard Jeb Bush looking for a (inaudible) http://genius.com/Dez-and-nobs-awe-lyrics
129 130 Donald Trump Ba Bump Black Eyed Peas positive money 2006 And if you got money fellas keep it like Trump http://genius.com/Black-eyed-peas-ba-bump-lyrics
96 96 Hillary Clinton Back Together Nicki Minaj positive   2015 Used to call me Hillary cause I ride 'em http://genius.com/Robin-thicke-back-together-lyrics
54 54 Hillary Clinton Bad Bad Bad Gucci Mane positive personal 2010 Stay down like Hillary and I can be your Billy http://genius.com/Gucci-mane-bad-bad-bad-lyrics
350 351 Donald Trump Bad Boy on Death Row Dave East negative   2016 Donald Trump ain't safe on my block, gotcha your wifey at IHOP http://genius.com/Dave-east-bad-boy-on-death-row-lyrics
316 317 Donald Trump Bad Boyz Shyne positive hotel 2000 What type of n---- stay in the Trump for weeks? (Bad Boyz) http://genius.com/Shyne-bad-boyz-lyrics
99 100 Hillary Clinton Badman in Tivoli Skepta neutral personal 2012 Black Bill Clinton linking Monica and Hillary http://genius.com/Skepta-badman-in-tivoli-lyrics
237 238 Donald Trump Ball Lil Wayne neutral The Apprentice 2012 I'ma fire my blunt like Donald Trump http://genius.com/Ti-ball-lyrics
255 256 Donald Trump Bars Migos positive money 2016 Billionaire looking my way I‰Ûªm on pace / Feeling like Donald Trump back in the day http://genius.com/Migos-bars-lyrics
219 220 Donald Trump Best Days of Lives Donnis neutral   2011 I'm a Mac bitch, I stay on my Donald Trump shit http://genius.com/Xv-best-days-of-lives-lyrics
324 325 Donald Trump Big Tyme Stretch positive money 2001 I'm beyond that, livin' like Trump http://genius.com/E-money-bags-big-time-lyrics
355 356 Donald Trump Billionaire Twista positive money 2009 Donald Trump makin big money go-getter http://genius.com/Twista-billionaire-lyrics
74 74 Hillary Clinton Bitch I'm Bill Clinton Lil B positive political 2010 Shout-outs to Hillary Clinton, you gonna win that presidency http://genius.com/Lil-b-bitch-im-bill-clinton-lyrics
62 62 Hillary Clinton Bitch, Don't Kill My Vibe (Remix) Jay Z neutral   2012 Sittin' next to Hillary smellin' like dank http://genius.com/Kendrick-lamar-bitch-dont-kill-my-vibe-remix-lyrics
278 279 Donald Trump Bizarre Mouf neutral The Apprentice 2014 Here trump shit, Donald Trump shit http://genius.com/Jaygo-bizarre-lyrics
311 312 Donald Trump Black Friday Kendrick Lamar negative political 2015 Play with him, bitch you better off voting for Donald Trump http://genius.com/Kendrick-lamar-black-friday-lyrics
240 241 Donald Trump Blame the Label (Ghida Fakhry) The Narcicyst neutral personal 2012 We're brushing up over here (hair) like Donald Trump http://genius.com/The-narcicyst-blame-the-label-ghida-fakhry-lyrics
320 321 Donald Trump Blase (Jeezy, Juicy J & Diddy Remix) Ty Dolla $ign negative political 2015 I donåt fuck with Donald Trump he donåt like us http://genius.com/Ty-dolla-sign-blase-jeezy-juicy-j-and-diddy-remix-lyrics
178 179 Donald Trump Blow Ya Mind Remix Jadakiss positive hotel 2007 Pump haze, blow sour, top floor of the Trump Towers http://genius.com/Styles-p-blow-ya-mind-remix-lyrics
200 201 Donald Trump Blue Flame Remix Lil B neutral The Apprentice 2010 Call me Donald Trump how I fire losers / How Donald Trump fire workers, I fire rugers http://genius.com/Lil-b-blue-flame-remix-lyrics
317 318 Donald Trump Bonnie & Shyne Shyne neutral hotel 2000 Did it all, Four Seasons to the Trump http://genius.com/Shyne-bonnie-and-shyne-lyrics
89 89 Hillary Clinton Born to Ball Skeme positive money 2012 But I'm all about my bills / Grind stay Hillary Rodham http://genius.com/Skeme-born-to-ball-lyrics
124 125 Donald Trump Boughetto Ali positive money 2002 Trump money, but it's still the motel and Kyjuan http://genius.com/Ali-boughetto-lyrics
14 14 Chris Christie Brass Tacks Chris Webby neutral   2016 Eating rappers like I got the appetite of Chris Christie http://genius.com/Chris-webby-brass-tacks-lyrics
258 259 Donald Trump Break My Wrist PeeWee Longway neutral The Apprentice 2013 I'm Donald Trump, you think I won't fire my bitch http://genius.com/Peewee-longway-break-my-wrist-lyrics
264 265 Donald Trump Break My Wrist Young Thug neutral The Apprentice 2013 I'm Donald Trump I just fire my bitch http://genius.com/Peewee-longway-break-my-wrist-lyrics
7 7 Jeb Bush Bricks and Marijuana Kase neutral   2001 When Jeb Bush pushing life / If I tout my weapon http://genius.com/Trick-daddy-bricks-and-marijuana-lyrics
67 67 Hillary Clinton Bring It Back KRS-ONE neutral   1997 It Takes a Village like Hillary http://genius.com/Krs-one-bring-it-back-lyrics
332 333 Donald Trump Buku Robb Bank$ positive hotel 2015 I'm with my Mexican bitch at the Trump http://genius.com/Robb-bank-buku-lyrics
8 8 Jeb Bush Bush Song Macklemore negative political 2005 Way to go Jeb, really great strategy http://genius.com/Macklemore-bush-song-lyrics
169 170 Donald Trump Buy U Some 2 Erick Sermon positive money 2006 No need to talk about the reeiches, I mean Trump punk http://genius.com/Too-short-buy-u-some-2-lyrics
351 352 Donald Trump CIT4DT Dooley negative political 2016 We got a chopper in the trunk for Donald Trump http://genius.com/Dooley-cit4dt-lyrics
363 364 Donald Trump Castle Kevin Gates negative   2016 I just told Donald Trump think about if you came from rubble http://genius.com/Kevin-gates-castle-lyrics
10 10 Jeb Bush Chamber of Fear RZA neutral personal 2005 Bobby got Bush like George and Jeb http://genius.com/Rza-chamber-of-fear-lyrics
135 136 Donald Trump Cloud Aura Brooke Candy positive personal 2013 Ivana and Trump, shit, we coulda' ran the world http://genius.com/Charli-xcx-cloud-aura-lyrics
321 322 Donald Trump Coke & Wet Spank Rock positive money 2006 That's Wall Street, Donald Trump, bass grilla stack http://genius.com/Spank-rock-coke-and-wet-lyrics
369 370 Donald Trump Come Again Rockie Fresh negative political 2016 We fucking up if we let Trump in the office http://genius.com/Rockie-fresh-come-again-lyrics
371 372 Donald Trump Come Down (Remix) T.I. negative political 2016 I fantasize shooting Trump down, A shot for every black man who got gunned down http://genius.com/Anderson-paak-come-down-remix-lyrics
239 240 Donald Trump Comin' for Ya Head Raekwon positive hotel 2012 We chilling in the Trump Towers, onions and soul http://genius.com/Wu-block-comin-for-ya-head-lyrics
326 327 Donald Trump Computers (Freestyle) Migos neutral hotel 2015 Smoking power at the Trump tower http://genius.com/Migos-computers-freestyle-lyrics
375 376 Donald Trump Constantly Hating Young Thug positive money 2015 I've seen more holes than a golf course on Donald Trumps course http://genius.com/Young-thug-constantly-hating-lyrics
267 268 Donald Trump Country Grammar (Hot Shit) Nelly positive money 2000 Bill Gates, Donald Trump, let me in now http://genius.com/Nelly-country-grammar-hot-shit-lyrics
76 76 Hillary Clinton Cradle Rock Method Man negative political 1998 Bad vibes filling me with thoughts of conspiracy / White Water scandals with Bill Clinton/Hillary http://genius.com/Method-man-cradle-rock-lyrics
143 144 Donald Trump Crazy 50 Cent positive hotel 2002 Now I'm paid - catch me in the Trump Tower lobby http://genius.com/50-cent-crazy-lyrics
364 365 Donald Trump Cross 'Em Out and Put a 'K Westside Connection positive money 1996 I smoke and make dough like Trump http://genius.com/Westside-connection-cross-em-out-and-put-a-k-lyrics
287 288 Donald Trump Da Funk Redman positive personal 1992 I'm well known like Donald Trump http://genius.com/Redman-da-funk-lyrics
253 254 Donald Trump Dag, Philly Too Homeboy Sandman neutral   2013 Before a Trump, the billionaire punks was the pattern http://genius.com/Homeboy-sandman-dag-philly-too-lyrics
37 37 Hillary Clinton Dark Night of the Blood Spiller Chino XL negative sexual 1994 Getting my dick sucked / On the cover of Source magazine by Hillary Clinton http://genius.com/Chino-xl-night-of-the-blood-spiller-lyrics
283 284 Donald Trump Dart School Raekwon neutral   2011 We was cooling in the Trump section, throwing bubbly http://genius.com/Raekwon-dart-school-lyrics
39 39 Hillary Clinton Datpiff (freeverse series Ep. 4) Chris Webby neutral   2016 The planet is collapsing, economies are crashin' / And Hillary Clinton is dabbin' http://genius.com/Chris-webby-datpiff-freeverse-series-ep-4-lyrics
337 338 Donald Trump Datpiff (freeverse series Ep. 4) Chris Webby neutral   2016 You'll never see it like Donald Trump on a prayer mat http://genius.com/Chris-webby-datpiff-freeverse-series-ep-4-lyrics
13 13 Chris Christie Daydreaming Awkwafina neutral   2014 Chris Christie, you a man beast http://genius.com/Awkwafina-daydreaming-lyrics
196 197 Donald Trump Daze Ja-Bar positive money 2010 The Donald Trump money, a pow way is stuntin' and problems keep on comin' http://genius.com/Ja-bar-daze-lyrics
374 375 Donald Trump Digest It Tiara negative political 2016 The world gon' end real soon, especially if Trump gets elected http://genius.com/Royce-da-59-digest-it-lyrics
138 139 Donald Trump Dipshits Cam'ron positive hotel 2014 Lookin' for me? Top floor suite of the Trump, baby http://genius.com/Camron-dipshits-lyrics
246 247 Donald Trump Dis Ain't What You Want (Remix) French Montana negative   2013 You can hate, don't frown, my n---- / With Donald Trump in the trunk, my n---- http://genius.com/Lil-durk-dis-aint-what-you-want-remix-lyrics
21 21 Hillary Clinton Disgusting Logic neutral personal 2012 However on the light of note I stayed with bills like Hilary http://genius.com/Logic-disgusting-lyrics
118 119 Donald Trump Dolly and the Rat Trap Ultramagnetic MC's neutral money 1992 Look at Donald Trump! http://genius.com/Ultramagnetic-mcs-dolly-and-the-rat-trap-lyrics
247 248 Donald Trump Don't Drop That Futuristic neutral The Apprentice 2013 Not even Donald Trump would fire Zach http://genius.com/Futuristic-dont-drop-that-lyrics
188 189 Donald Trump Don't Trip Petey Pablo neutral   2009 I done been with Donald Trump and you help bitches http://genius.com/Petey-pablo-dont-trip-lyrics
244 245 Donald Trump Donald Trump Mac Miller positive money 2011 Take over the world when I'm on my Donald Trump shit / Look at all this money, ain't that some shit http://genius.com/Mac-miller-donald-trump-lyrics
370 371 Donald Trump Dope T.I. negative   2016 Where I stay all they say is ‰ÛÏFuck Trump‰Û, all day http://genius.com/Ti-dope-lyrics
49 49 Hillary Clinton Dope Boy Gorilla Zoe neutral   2009 Hey Ms. Hilary, can't be kin to me (No) / But I keep that white bitch on another level G http://genius.com/Gorilla-zoe-dope-boy-lyrics
299 300 Donald Trump Dope Spot Cam'ron neutral political 2015 Arrogant rich n----, we might vote for Trump http://genius.com/Camron-berner-dope-spot-lyrics
338 339 Donald Trump Driving Gloves The Alchemist positive money 2015 Pockets Trump like I just struck the lottery, lotto http://genius.com/Gangrene-driving-gloves-lyrics
161 162 Donald Trump Dumb The High & Mighty negative personal 2005 I'm Donald Trump, with raccoon hair-dos http://genius.com/The-high-and-mighty-dumb-lyrics
137 138 Donald Trump E.I. Nelly positive hotel 2000 Get a room in Trump Towers just to hit the P hours http://genius.com/Nelly-ei-lyrics
319 320 Donald Trump El Chapo The Game negative personal 2015 Come through and knock Donald Trump out his toupee http://genius.com/The-game-el-chapo-lyrics
229 230 Donald Trump Elimination Chamber Action Bronson positive hotel 2012 Backflip in a jacuzzi, forty floors inside the Trump http://genius.com/Domo-genesis-and-alchemist-elimination-chamber-lyrics
34 34 Hillary Clinton Energy Big Boi neutral personal 2008 Energy like Bill and Hillary Clinton http://genius.com/Raheem-devaughn-energy-feat-big-boi-lyrics
53 53 Hillary Clinton Every Girl Gudda Gudda neutral   2010 And Hillary can Rodham too, boy, I gets my pimpin' on http://genius.com/Young-money-every-girl-lyrics
361 362 Donald Trump Everything's a Go (Remix) Waka Flocka Flame positive money 2012 Donald Trump bank account, you can call it that http://genius.com/Waka-flocka-flame-everythings-a-go-remix-lyrics
140 141 Donald Trump Everywhere I Go Tha Eastsidaz positive hotel 2001 I got a room at the Trump / Later on we can slump http://genius.com/Tha-eastsidaz-everywhere-i-go-lyrics
376 377 Donald Trump FDT (Fuck Donald Trump) YG & Nipsey Hussle negative political 2016 Fuck Donald Trump http://genius.com/Yg-and-nipsey-hu-le-fdt-fuck-donald-trump-lyrics
346 347 Donald Trump FLEM A$AP Ferg negative political 2016 Trump win, I'm flying off the soil http://genius.com/A-ap-ferg-flem-lyrics
87 87 Hillary Clinton Fall Down Brew R.A. the Rugged Man negative   2008 Sewed Hillary Clinton's mouth, and that's after drinkin just one http://genius.com/Chief-chinchilla-aka-j-zone-fall-down-brew-lyrics
170 171 Donald Trump Favorite Drug Styles P positive hotel 2006 Got a blunt blaze it up, we can get a room in the Trump http://genius.com/Styles-p-favorite-drug-lyrics
156 157 Donald Trump Feel the Beat LL Cool J positive hotel 2004 Spend a night in Trump Towers with a blue eyed blonde http://genius.com/Ll-cool-j-feel-the-beat-lyrics
128 129 Donald Trump Fire Makeba Mooncycle neutral   1999 Playin Donald Trump for the mic with this http://genius.com/Royal-fam-fire-lyrics
334 335 Donald Trump Fired Tech N9ne neutral The Apprentice 2015 Donald Trump! (Fire that bitch!) http://genius.com/Tech-n9ne-fired-lyrics
302 303 Donald Trump Flavas Back Chino Tovar negative political 2015 Stop deportation we just chasing dreams / Donald Trump - King of Slavery http://genius.com/The-sindicate-flavas-back-lyrics
282 283 Donald Trump Flawless Remix Nicki Minaj positive hotel 2014 I told him meet me at the Trump, Ivanka http://genius.com/Beyonce-flawless-remix-lyrics
231 232 Donald Trump Flex 36 Lil B positive   2013 Stephen Curry Basedgod, Donald Trump Basedgod http://genius.com/Lil-b-flex-36-lyrics
300 301 Donald Trump Florida State RiFF RAFF positive money 2015 I could switch lanes, Donald Trump private planes http://genius.com/Riff-raff-florida-state-lyrics
194 195 Donald Trump Folklore Dumbtron negative political 2009 Alarming heat at the heels of a punk politician / Trump tall tales with a bump full of bomb fission http://genius.com/Mr-lif-folklore-lyrics
107 108 Hillary Clinton For Real Yung God neutral personal 2014 Bang, Heavy artillery young Bill Clint / Make your girl go Hillary boy http://genius.com/Yung-god-for-real-lyrics
318 319 Donald Trump Free Enterprise Rick Ross negative political 2015 Assassinate Trump like I'm Zimmerman http://genius.com/Rick-ross-free-enterprise-lyrics
100 101 Hillary Clinton Fresh Slick Rick neutral personal 1998 Babies jump out the carriage / Could even fix the Hillary and Clinton marriage http://genius.com/Jermaine-dupri-fresh-lyrics
75 75 Hillary Clinton Fuck the Government Mediumjay negative political 2012 Fuck, The Governments Shit / Fuck, Hillary Clinton that Bitch http://genius.com/Mediumjay-fuck-the-government-lyrics
42 42 Hillary Clinton Fukinwichu Cunninlynguists negative personal 2001 Send Hillary the Bill and Lewinski scene in claymation http://genius.com/Cunninlynguists-fukinwichu-lyrics
102 103 Hillary Clinton Gang Love T.H.U.G. Angelz negative political 2008 It's like we paying them rent to live inside a prison / Hilary Clinton is benefiting them politicians http://genius.com/Thug-angelz-gang-love-lyrics

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