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rowid Castle 1 Castle 2 Castle 3 Castle 4 Castle 5 Castle 6 Castle 7 Castle 8 Castle 9 Castle 10 Why did you choose your troop deployment?
16 19 1 1 1 1 1 1 25 25 25 The total number of points is 55 so you need 28 points to win the war. The smallest combination of castles to win 28 points is 10,9,8,1 so to maximize your chances you should just split your army by 25 soldier each. But this won't work because the other castles will be undefended and an enemy could easily put 90 soldier on Castle 10 and 1 soldier on each undefended castle winning the war. So Castle 1 is defended by 19 soldier to be able to defended the rest of the castles with 1 soldier. Running a simulation with a random number generator gives me a 98% chances of winning with this combination, althought it is sunday night and I might have made some fundamental mistake in the code
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