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rowid Castle 1 Castle 2 Castle 3 Castle 4 Castle 5 Castle 6 Castle 7 Castle 8 Castle 9 Castle 10 Why did you choose your troop deployment?
74 11 2 11 11 11 2 12 36 2 2 I assumed a whole bunch of people smarter than me were spending hours on the mathematically best way to deploy your troops, so I went with an opposite approach: Randomly guess which castles to deploy to, while aiming to gain 28/55 possible victory points. I chose castles 1,3,4,5,7,8 and weighted more heavily towards to castles worth more points. I chose 11 as a minimum so that I couldn't easily lose to someone who just put 10 troops in each castle, and 36 in castle 8 so that someone with the 1-8-9-10 strategy also wouldn't win. I also killed about 10 minutes at work, so I'm pretty happy.
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