1 row where group = "f" and quarter = 1 sorted by country

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Link rowid country ▼ country_id group spi spi_offense spi_defense win_group sixteen quarter semi cup win
2 Argentina ARG f 89.57 2.7809 0.4528 1 1 1 0.7002935249892321 0.4271677031846121 0.15413713882807

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CREATE TABLE "world-cup-predictions/wc-20140704-220110" (
"country" TEXT,
  "country_id" TEXT,
  "group" TEXT,
  "spi" REAL,
  "spi_offense" REAL,
  "spi_defense" REAL,
  "win_group" INTEGER,
  "sixteen" INTEGER,
  "quarter" INTEGER,
  "semi" REAL,
  "cup" REAL,
  "win" REAL
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